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HPS PixelColor - color management utility 1.3

HPS PixelColor - color management utility 1.3

HPS PixelColor - color management utility Publisher's Description

HPS PixelColor is a color management utility that allows you to select colors from any point on the screen, save them to a palette, and mix text and background colors.

HPS PixelColor is a valuable tool for anyone involved in graphics or web development, and takes up very little space on the screen – it can be minimized to a single display line, or maximized to display the tabbed main window. With HPS PixelColor, you do not need to use an "eyedropper tool" to pick up a color. The HPS PixelColor display is updated automatically as the cursor is moved, and you can see immediately what color is under the cursor. Even when HPS PixelColor is minimized to the task bar, you can still see the color. HPS PixelColor displays the color under the cursor in RGB (red-green-blue) format, in HTML format, and also displays the HTML color name (for the 140 named colors).

Built-in Color Charts

HPS PixelColor includes built-in charts for the 140 named HTML colors, 224 web-safe colors, and 210 classic RAL colors. With the charts always available, you can easily find the right color and insert it into your HTML editor - simply by using the standard Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.

Palette Stores Your Colors

In addition to the fixed color charts, HPS PixelColor also includes a Palette where you can store in one place the colors you frequently use. The Palette will be saved when you exit and restored on program startup.

To use one of the Palette colors, you move the cursor to the color swatch and press Ctrl+C. You can then paste the color into any text or HTML editor.

When you paste a color into the Palette, you can optionally assign a description to the color. This description will appear when you hover the cursor over the color swatch, to remind you of what the color is used for.

Mix and View Colors

The Mixer tab allows you to work with colors that you have selected from the screen, modifying them and seeing how they look in combination with different text and background colors. Three sliders let you adjust the RGB values of the text/background color. Then, you can copy the new color to the Clipboard or to the Palette, or preview it in your browser.

Key Features

  • Inspect and grab color anywhere on the screen - the color under the cursor is displayed using RGB and HTML codes, and can be immediately inserted into your HTML editor using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V
  • Automatic updating - no need to drag "eyedropper tool", color is updated automatically as cursor is moved
  • Store color for later use - save and annotate colors that you use frequently, with easy recall by using Ctrl+C
  • Built-in color charts - use the built-in color charts for named colors, web-safe colors, and RAL colors to pick colors
  • Zoom in - zoom in on any screen area using the zoom tool, to pick up the exact color you need
  • Mix text and background colors - pick a color from the screen, and see how it looks in a sample text/background display, or previewed in your browser
  • Multiple clipboard formats - choose from seven different formats to copy the color code to the clipboard
  • Small screen footprint - use the compact one-line display size or minimize to the task bar for an even smaller size, and still see the screen color

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